Thursday, 17 March 2016

Upcomming webstite

Because this blog has been rather inactive, it does not mean that the Scholae have been inactive. Rather to the contrary. Much work, next to training and analyzing, has been put in a new website that will be launched shortly.

The website will not only contain valuable information as to what Traditional Western Horsemanship entails, it will contain specific sections on modern horsemanship and its relation to the tradition, as well as sections on the history of the variable traditions of the horsemanship practices of the Western World.

Most importantly, a lot of work has gone into the Bibliotheca Equestris, that entails a repertory on all source material for the different traditions, including links to fully digitized versions of authentic manuscripts and works of the masters. I am still working hard to get this immensive project online in a presentable form, but as for the moment it already contains some eighty pages, containing about 150 authors (often masters) on horsemanship. In this way, the Bibliotheca Equestris will be the largest repertory on Western Traditional Horsemanship ever created, allowing all enthusiasts to easily find the many works of our horsemanship traditions (often free of any charge).

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